Some Styles Will Always Remain Timeless.
Make a beautifully bold statement.
The beauty of rustic barn wood.
A design statement waiting to happen.
The rustic modern look you’ve been waiting for.

Siding, Pattern, Trim and more.

Designed to be seen.

Looking to add style quickly and easily? UFP-Edge is a design statement waiting to happen. Instead of searching for the right bundle of wood and running across defects, UFP-Edge removes the guess work. Each piece is consistent, ready to use, and made to last. No searching, no sorting, no sanding, no stress. UFP-Edge products come together to create accent walls, barn doors, headboards, mirrors, frames, wall art—the only limitation is your imagination. Available in a range of colors, you can achieve a custom look for less than you expect.

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Projects you'll love.

DIY Made Simple

Your home is an opportunity to express your own character and style. Create your own functional home accents with accent walls, picture frames and other timeless pieces that capture the humble form of the modern farmhouse or rustic cottage. Or add character to the exterior of your home with UFP-Edge siding. With UFP-Edge the possibilities are endless.