Can you overuse shiplap?

Can you overuse shiplap?

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Shiplap, shiplap, shiplap. A trend that everyone seems to love -- and it is easy to understand why. Even though shiplap is a simple product that started from humble beginnings, it is a product just bursting with style and versatility. 

With shiplap, you can create a natural, vintage, rustic or a high-end modern look and feel, depending on the style and finish of the boards. And, trust us, there are dozens and dozens of styles and finishes available to fit just about every type of décor. But, with so many options to choose from, you have to consider how much shiplap do you need to get the look and feel you are going for. How much shiplap is too much shiplap?

We are here to help you understand the style differences of accent walls vs. full walls so you can get the right look and feel for your next shiplap project.

Full Shiplap rooms

As much as we love shiplap, there can be a time and a place when there is too much shiplap. When you want to fully decorate the walls with shiplap, it is best to stick with soft, neutral colors and limited texture.

UFP-Edge farmhouse white timeless nickel gap shiplap entryway

Keeping it simple

Including too much color and texture could quickly become overwhelming (think ‘70s wallpaper), causing you to lose a central focal point.

Soft and natural

Traditionally, white and other soft colors create the most natural look and feel that won’t be visually overwhelming. By picking a prefinished nickel gap shiplap or finishing square edge shiplap with white paint, you can make a room feel bigger and brighter while still maintaining a simple visual interest with the directional lines created from the boards.

UFP-Edge farmhouse white timeless nickel gap shiplap sunroom  

Fill the space

Covering a small space such as a tiny home or cottage with natural shiplap can also create a warm and welcoming look that helps blend the walls and ceilings.

UFP-Edge rustic shiplap cladding tiny house cabin 

Shiplap accent walls

Shiplap accent walls are perfect when you want to create a statement piece, a wall that will stand out and bring the room together at the same time. This is the perfect time to go big and bold through texture, patterns, and color, or a combination of the three.

Mix it up

Try using patterns on your accent walls. Shiplap accents walls don’t have to feature horizontal or vertical boards. Mix it up with chevron or herringbone designs.

Give it some Feeling

If you want to get more feeling out of your wall, use rough-textured rustic collect barn wood boards. These boards come in a range of colors or primed in white, so you can pick your own color.

UFP-Edge dark brown rustic collection shiplap cladding accent wall

Or finish the wall with a charred wood finish. This carefully burned shiplap helps bring out the unique wood grain in every board.

UFP-Edge sunrise yellow charred wood shiplap cladding office accent wall 

Color is King

Make your accent wall pop with color. Using a dark contrasting color or bright and vibrant color can really make an accent wall stand out.

UFP-Edge charcoal rustic collection shiplap cladding bedroom accent wall

If you want to break away from the safe traditional feel of solid color shiplap, create a multicolored wall that mixes and matches a few colors. Weathered wood accent boards come in a multicolored kit ready to install.

UFP-Edge weathered wood shiplap wall cladding loft accent wall

Do you prefer whole rooms or smaller accent walls for shiplap? Let us know in the comments below.

Accent wall shiplap cladding vs. full rooms of shiplap cladding