Shiplap Bedroom Makeover with Interior Designer Jennifer Gainer

Shiplap has been a popular option for home décor as mastermind designers, like Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have showcased it in home designs. We thought we’d collaborate with our own design genius so we partnered with Jennifer Gainer from Jen Ron Designs to revamp her master bedroom using our UFP-Edge shiplap. Not only are we impressed with her out-of-the-box thinking, her shiplap cladding project should serve as an inspiration for do-it-yourselfers. 


Jennifer was looking for a way to make her own master bedroom more personal, to give it a “wow factor” that would match the rest of her home. During this bedroom transformation, she incorporated different shiplap colors and finishes in the room to get the look she wanted. The shiplap brought in a natural, rustic feel that added a lot of character to the room. We love that Jennifer featured the shiplap’s versatility, given that she used it to construct movable window shutters/headboard and covered the ceiling with it as well. Many homeowners don’t realize that shiplap can be used in many more ways than as an accent wall.


Jennifer used UFP-Edge Rustic Collection shiplap in white to make the movable window shutters. See our UFP-Edge barn door project plan. We love that her plans for the windows serve a dual-purpose, blocking out light and sound during the nighttime hours and creating a unique backdrop against her headboard throughout the day. For the unique, angled shiplap ceiling, she used the Rustic Collection shiplap in gray, topping it off with the UFP-Edge Charred Woodin smoke white. Having the smoke white charred wood shiplap on the top of the ceiling really made the coordinating ceiling fan pop as it matched perfectly with the rustic gray wood. 


Jennifer is one of many interior designers incorporating UFP-Edge shiplap into their projects. We’re looking forward to seeing the rise in its popularity in homes across the nation. Check out more unique applications in our inspiration gallery. 


We hope you feel inspired to start your next home project.  We want to see it. Your project could be featured next!  

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