Wood Wall Kits

Honey Wheat tongue and groove wooden wall planks on an accent wall

Add a touch of natural beauty on virtually any wall

UFP-Edge pre-finished wood accent wall kits thoroughly capture the natural warmth and beauty of the rustic chic style. The pre-finished wood wall kit planks feature a functional and easy to assemble design that can direct the eyes, break up the space within a space, or create a unique focal point within the room. Each pre-finished wood accent kit is sure to create an effective and versatile look for any rustic farmhouse fan or those looking to create a more modern interior space. Install the planks at virtually any angle to create a unique, eye-catching design.

The pre-finished wood accent kit contains 10 pieces of 1x8 pine planks in 22 inch lengths. Each plank is pre-finished with a clear coat, which gives the wood a smooth satin finish. The kit’s planks are lightweight and feature a tongue and groove design with end match for quick and easy installation. 

Available online at Homedepot.com and in-store at select Home Depot locations. Visit our where to buy to find a store near you.

  • Tongue-and-groove design         
  • Smooth, low-maintenance surface           
  • Prefinished - no staining, painting, or finishing required     
  • Ideal for accent wall applications
  • Box covers 9.3 square feet

Pre-finished Wood Accent Wall Kit Installation Instructions (348 KB)

UFP-Edge Designer Collection made from end matched tongue and groove planks UFP-Edge Wooden Wall Kit made from end matched tongue and groove planks

Available Sizes and Quantities
  • 1x8" tongue and groove in 22" lengths (10-piece kits)

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Pre-finished Wood Accent Wall Kit

Honey Wheat Tongue and Groove Wooden Wall Plank