Remodeled modern bathroom with thermally modified wood cladding on ceiling

This natural ceiling look ‘could be an easy DIY for anyone'

Finishing the ceiling with wood planks from the Thermally Modified Wood Collection added a brilliant look and feel to this stunning bathroom remodel in southern California.


Front porch makeover: Make your ceiling pop!

If you’re lucky enough to have a covered sitting area outdoors, then give it the love it deserves!


Native Woods Nightfall Shiplap Tatu Taco Restaurant Entrance Hostess Table Tattoo Art

Shiplap accents create ‘elegant tattoo parlor’ vibe for NY taco shop

Restaurant designer loves the texture, feel and prefinished color options of UFP-Edge Native Woods shiplap.

Drone image of covered boat dock featuring Thermally Modified Wood Cladding

How UFP-Edge ‘really changed the game’ for this dock & deck builder

Whatever the price of lumber, our Thermally Modified Wood Collection is the most cost-effective option for this pro builder.

Pro Column Structural Post Front Porch Columns

NEW Engineered Structural Post

Introducing the Pro Column structural post. Ideal for new construction and repair/remodel projects.

UFP-Edge Thermally Modified Wood Cladding Timber Ridge modern home trees stone

Mixed Material Trend Growing Nationwide

As homeowners are migrating, they are taking their material trends with them. More homes are embracing a mix of materials nationwide.

Thermally Modified Wood Cladding Glacier Natural Window Garage Steps

The Advantages of Wood Siding

Here's why you might consider wood siding for your next exterior project: it's versatile, it'll add resale value, it's eco-friendly, and is easy to work with.

Back porch covered shiplap ceiling featuring UFP-Edge Native Woods Alpine shiplap

Create Your Own Designer Porch with Native Woods Shiplap

Use these designer's tips in how to extend character and charm to your outdoor living area featuring Native Woods shiplap.   

UFP-Edge Native Woods shiplap stack Saddle Arctic Mist Gunmetal

Introducing Native Woods: Highlighting Nature's Woodgrain

The charm of Native Woods shiplap is in the native knots and grain of the wood. Each board features a unique woodgrain pattern beneath a smooth prepainted surface.


Premier Outdoor Outdoor Patio Ceiling Wall Glacier Thermally Modified Wood Cladding Firepit

Could your backyard be more inviting?

Our new Thermally Modified Wood Cladding ‘was the perfect choice’ to make this patio feel like an outdoor living room. 

Thermally Modified Wood Cladding Big Sky Residential Home Tree Stone

7 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

Don't wait until you sell your home to make it shine. Check out these ways to add value and build your home equity now. 


Oceanside bedroom olive green shiplap accent wall

Greens dominate 2022 ‘Colors of the Year’

The trending theme of top picks from paint specialists for 2022 is muted greens. See how these green hues look on Timeless shiplap. 

UFP-Edge Thermally Modified Wood Collection Glacier and Natural modern home big bushes blue sky

‘Hot’ new wood cladding is perfect match for what’s trending in home exteriors

Thermally Modified Wood Collection emerges as the next generation of wood siding.


Pool Bath Mood Board Timeless Charred Shiplap

5 sources of DIYer inspiration to help you make spaces you love

There’s lots of places to get inspired, and one overriding theme: ‘If you see other people do it, you can do it, too!’



Blue Shiplap Bathroom Transformation

We partnered with @wonderwoodmom to transform her kid's bathroom from basic to breathtaking with Timeless Cavalry Blue shiplap. 


Exterior Design Becoming More Custom, Less Cookie-Cutter

Home exterior designs are becoming more custom and varied to fit the homeowner's aesthetic. Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter, single-colored home and say hello to personality, contrast, and shape. 


EdgeNativeWoodsWhiskey BarrelShiplapCeiling OutdoorLivingSpace Egg Swing Chairs

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space Featuring Native Woods Shiplap

We collaborated with Premier Outdoor Living, a design-build firm that specializes in unique outdoor living spaces, to create the ultimate outdoor chill space showcasing Native Woods shiplap.

Prepainted Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap wall and ceiling living room light airy stone fireplace

Hot housing market’s silver lining: Boost in DIY determination

With houses scarce and remodeling contractors slammed, more homeowners are getting the courage to do their own thing.

File name	Size	Alternate text Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White 1x6 Wall Collage.jpg	250 KB	 Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap 1x6 Wall Collage Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White 1x8_Sign.jpg	296 KB	 kel Gap_Farmhouse White 1x6 Wall Collage.jpg	250 KB	 Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap 1x6 Wall Collage Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White 1x8_Sign Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Kitchen.jpg	282 KB	 Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Kitchen Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White_SLMudroomNewGap.jpg	295 KB	 Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White_ShiplapMudroomNewGap Timeless Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Bathroom.jpg	288 KB	 Timeless Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Bathroom Timeless Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Kitchen_People.jpg	286 KB	 Timeless Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Kitchen_People Timeless Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Skylight Room.jpg	291 KB	 Timeless Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White Skylight Room Timeless Nickelgap Shiplap_Farmhouse White Laundry

What Makes Shiplap So Popular in Mudrooms?

Shiplap is a popular choice of material for mudrooms because it easily adds style and durability to high-traffic areas. 

White Rustic Collection shiplap office girl desk homework station

‘Home office is reality now.’ Make the most of it!

We chatted with the owner and principal designer from SnoValley Studio. She shares how she's made accommodations for a work-from-home lifestyle. Consider this designer's insight as you take on a home office project. 

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