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Video Gallery

Browse our video gallery for inspiration, installation tips, and to discover more on what UFP-Edge has to offer. Check out our products page to shop our different collections.  



UFP-Edge Interior Accent Shiplap

UFP-Edge shiplap and accent boards are made to enhance your walls and ceilings with texture, color, and clean lines. View all our lines of shiplap to see which style works best for you and your home. 

UFP-Edge Shiplap Brand Video

Easily add style to your interior walls and ceilings with UFP-Edge prepainted shiplap. 

Thermally Modified Wood Collection

UFP-Edge Thermally Modified Wood Collection is a beautifully stable cladding that is less vulnerable to seasonal movement. It resists rot and insects for long-term performance and it comes in a variety of prefinished colors.

UFP-Edge Collections

Timeless Nickel Gap shiplap

Add a modern farmhouse touch to your home’s interior walls and ceiling with the sleek lines of UFP-Edge Timeless nickel gap shiplap.

Charred Wood shiplap

Charred Wood adds character into a space through the unique enhancement of the wood's natural grain.  

Rustic Collection Shiplap

Rustic Collection shiplap is distressed, primed and painted to have the authentic look and texture of vintage rustic barn wood.

Weathered Wood Accent Boards

UFP-Edge Weathered Wood Accent Boards perfectly embody the highly sought-after modern, rustic farm house look and feel. 

Shiplap Installation Tips & Tricks

Measuring Your Wall for Shiplap Installation

Locating and Marking Studs for shiplap installation

Installing Shiplap Around Outlets and Switches

Affixing Shiplap for shiplap installation

Painting Your Shiplap Wall

How To Install Timeless Nickel Gap Shiplap

Collaborative Projects

Jen Ron Designs DIY Shiplap Ceiling

 Check out how Jennifer created this beautiful bedroom ceiling inlay using UFP-Edge Charred Smoke White and Rustic Collection Gray shiplap.