Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are FAQs about installation, maintenance, product details and more for UFP-Edge products. If you're unable to find an answer that relates to your inquiry, please contact us.


Interior Products


How do I determine how much shiplap I'll need?

Use our coverage calculator to find exactly how much product you’ll need for your home interior project.

Can I use shiplap on a covered porch?

Yes, if you seal this product it can be used on a covered porch.

Can I install shiplap in my bathroom?

Yes, these boards can be used on walls within a bathroom. We recommend you seal the boards with a wood protector sealant to protect them from moisture.

Can shiplap be used as a backsplash?

For projects that incur frequent moisture, a high-quality polyurethane sealer is recommended.

Can I install shiplap around my brick fireplace?

Shiplap should be installed directly onto vertically mounted wood furring strips. It is important to make sure all furring strips are properly secured and even with each other so the finished surface is even – without waves. Make sure that you follow National Fire Code when installing around a fireplace.

Can I use shiplap for a shelf?

Use 1x4 trim boards and 1x6 square edge project boards for shelving.

Can I install shiplap on the floor of a kitchen / living room / hallway?

We do not recommend installing shiplap as flooring since it’s a soft wood and features a rough texture. Our shiplap collections are ideal for accent walls, ceilings and craft projects.

Can I install UFP-Edge accent wall shiplap on an exterior?

Shiplap is not recommended for exterior use.

Can I use a brad nail gun to install shiplap?

Yes, you’ll want to use a brad nail gun. If you are using prepainted shiplap, start the bottom board off with adhesive and brad nail on the shiplap lip to avoid any unnecessary touch-up on the face of the board. If you are installing primed shiplap, you can fasten the bottom board off by brad nailing straight into the face of the board without adhesive.

Can I install shiplap directly to my ceiling joists?

UFP-Edge shiplap can be used for both wall and ceiling applications. Shiplap is not intended to be used in a flooring application.

What size nails and adhesive is recommended?

Install with 15 or 16-gauge trim nails. Fastener length should be long enough for 1.25- 1.5-in of penetration into solid wood framing.

Do you need to put up drywall before you install shiplap?

Short answer, no. You can install over just the studs, but you'll want to make sure your studs line up with each other.

Interior Products

Product Details

What are the actual widths that will be visible?

For the Rustic Collection, Charred Wood, and Timeless shiplap the width of the 1x6 shiplap board is 5.375 in. with a thickness of .625 in. and an exposed face of 4.625 in. The width of the 1x4 trim boards will be 3.5 in. with a thickness of .75 in. Weathered Wood Accent Boards have a square edge profile with a width of 3.875in and thickness of .44in. The exposed face will be 3.875in because of its pallet board nature.

Is your low VOC paint a water-based product?

Yes, it is water-based.

What is the shiplap span rating?

UFP-Edge shiplap is a decorative product and is not intended for structural purposes. It can be installed on walls or ceilings, vertically or horizontally, as long as it is fastened according to the instructions. The product must be fastened to structural members a maximum of 24” on center.

Is the texture the same on both sides of the shiplap?

Charred Wood shiplap boards are charred on the face and the sides. The boards are not charred on the reverse side/face. Rustic Collection shiplap features a rough sawn texture on one side that helps mimic the natural texture and patina of aged barn wood. Timeless shiplap is painted on one side and has relief grooves on the other to prevent cupping. Weathered Wood Accent Boards have the same pallet board texture on either side.

Do these have rabbet joints (or any joints) cut into them?

When installed horizontally Rustic, Timeless, and Charred Wood shiplap feature a rabbet joint on both top and bottom edges of the board allowing the pieces to snugly fit together. The board ends do not have a pattern and butt directly together without overlap. Weathered Wood Accent Boards are a square edge profile and do not have any rabbet joints cut into them.

Is shiplap supposed to have variations in color?

Color will vary from board to board and lot to lot due to natural characteristics of wood. It is recommended you purchase your entire job, plus a minimum of 10% overage to ensure most consistent color.

Interior Products


What’s the paint color match?

Our shiplap products go through a proprietary color formulation process, therefore an exact paint match is difficult. Consult with a paint professional at your local retailer to specify a custom color that suits your needs.

Can UFP-Edge products be stained?

Yes. We recommend testing the stain in a small sample prior.

How do I clean my shiplap?

Like most surfaces, shiplap will need periodic dusting. Consider wiping down your shiplap with a damp cloth or use a dusting brush and vacuum.

Exterior Products

Product Details

Is Edge True Reversible?

Yes, we grade to the resawn face, but also have sanded the smooth side for the most versatile board in the industry.

What is True Made of?

Japanese Cedar otherwise known as sugi. This is Asia’s version of WRC. The two products are very similar in the characteristics unlike Chinese Cedar.

Is Edge True an engineered product?

Yes, both edge laminated and finger jointed for stability and the best usable lengths

What dimensions and profiles are available?

1x3-2x12 S1S2E & 1x6/1x8 WP4 & WP11

Is UFP-Edge True Termite resistant?

Yes, Cryptomeria japonica – the sugi or Japanese cedar is yet another wood that may be considered for termite treatment through construction material selection. It is actually quite popular in certain areas of India—also a country struggling with termite problems and concerned with termite control—as a construction wood and is known there as Dhuppi. Not only is it water-resistant, decay-resistant and termite-resistant, it also has a comforting scent.

What is the intended use of Edge True?

UFP-Edge True is used for exterior trim, fascia, barge and bellyband

Do I need to apply a final coat of paint in the field?

Yes, all exposed sides should be top coated with a quality exterior paint.

Is Edge True treated?

No, cedar naturally resists termites and rot, plus Edge True is protected by a high performance PPG 2-coat latex system. The first coat protects against tannin bleed and the second provides a durable primer coat ready for paint.

Do I need to seal end cuts in the field while installing?

Yes. Prime all cut ends and any areas were the primer has been damaged with PPG’s Seal Grip primer or an equivalent high quality tannin blocking primer. Product must be finish coated on all 6 sides within 90 days of purchase with a high quality exterior latex topcoat.