Can you put shiplap around a fireplace?

Can you put shiplap around a fireplace?

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The Shiplap Fireplace

Shiplap is commonly used for accent walls and ceilings, but have you ever thought about using shiplap around your fireplace? Many people may not realize that shiplap is perfectly safe to install in your fireplace surround if you follow the correct safety codes. 

Every state varies with its code for fire safety and surround materials. You’ll have to check your local code requirements first, but always follow the National Fire Code and the National Standard Building Code when remodeling or designing your home interior. 

National Fire Code : NFPA 211 

  • This ordinance states that all combustible material (wood trim, framing, mantels etc.)  must be at least 6 inches from the fireplace opening
  • For every 1/8 inch of protruding combustible material, an extra inch of clearance is required 

National Standard Building Code: 2114.3 Masonry-built Fireplaces 4114.3.10

  • All combustible materials and trim must be at least 6 inches from the firebox opening.
  • If more than 1 ½ inches (38mm) of material projects from the face of the fireplace, you will need additional clearance equal to the length of extension beyond 1 ½ inches.
  • If above the fireplace there is more than 1 ½inches (38mm) of material projecting from the fireplace opening, you will need 12 inches of clearance from the top of the opening. 

For maximum security, consider using a noncombustible material in your fireplace surround before adding shiplap. Many people will use tile, marble, stone, brick, or steel as surround materials directly around the fireplace opening for their gas or wood-burning fireplaces. 

Shiplap Fireplace Inspiration

 Take a look at some of the different shiplap fireplaces we think really nailed it.

Smooth white shiplap fireplace in white room with gray tile around

Image c/o Ann Chessins Designs

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White

 Rustic shiplap fireplace

Image c/o Homes to Love

Get this look: Charred Wood Shiplap in Smoke White

Painted and primed smooth shiplap fireplace

Image c/o House of Turquoise

Get this look: Timeless Primed Shiplap

Natural grain wood shiplap fireplace

Image c/o Ashley Winn Designs

Get this look: Charred Wood Shiplap in Canyon Brown

 Weathered Wood Shiplap fireplace

Image c/o Apartment Therapy

Get this look: Weathered Wood Accent Boards

 Charred Color_Ash Living Room Fireplace

Get this look: Charred Wood Shiplap in Ash Gray.

 Timeless Gallery Farmhouse White Shiplap Fireplace

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap

Feeling inspired? Check out our shiplap collections to find the right look for your home fireplace and where to buy to find our UFP-Edge products at select retailers and online.

For tips on how to install shiplap, check out our video gallery for step by step instructions for each UFP-Edge shiplap collection.


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