EvoTrim™ (engineered/treated)

  • Knot-free Radiata Pine
  • TRU-CORE® treated and primed on all sides
  • 40-year limited warranty (rot, mold, insect and termite)
Color/Finish: Textured or Smooth (Exterior)
  • Textured or Smooth (Exterior)

Experience the superior performance of EvoTrim™ featuring TRU-CORE® treating technology for long-term exterior trim and fascia solutions. The innovative wood treatment infuses five EPA-registered preservatives into the board’s core, and provides exceptional stability and is resistant to rot, insects and termites. EvoTrim is factory primed for consistency and ready for a quality top coat finish.


EvoTrim Sell Sheet

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Installation Instructions

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  • Is EvoTrim an engineered product?
    Yes. The product is both finger-jointed and edge-glued providing excellent long length stability.
  • Are EvoTrim boards protected with a treatment?
    Yes. EvoTrim boards are treated to the core and primed on all 6 sides with an industry leading mold resistant primer. Upon install, it is recommended to apply a water-based latex coating in your finished color for extra protection.
  • Do cut ends on EvoTrim need to be sealed?
    Yes. Cut ends must be sealed with an exterior primer and topcot of paint upon installation.
  • Can trim boards have ground contact?
    No. EvoTrim boards used in an exterior application should be at least 12 inches above soil grade when installed.
End of 4x4  to show TRU-CORE® Technology penetrating to board's core showing top benefits

Treated with TRU-CORE® Technology

Kop-coat's TRU-CORE® Technology goes beyond surface protection.This advanced treatment fortifies boards to the board's core so that they can stand resilient against the tests of time and nature.

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