Primed SPF (solid sawn)

  • Knotty SPF wood is kiln dried and stable
  • Two-sided board surface: S1S2E or S4S (resawn or combed)
  • Factory-applied coating enhanced with mildewcide

Dress and protect your home with Primed SPF trim and fascia boards. Trim boards start with J Grade and Appearance Grade SPF raw lumber, machined and primed to perform in virtually any weather condition. 1X and 2X boards are available in a variety of lengths and are primed and ready for a custom topcoat of exterior paint.

And for the ultimate protection, choose our new XTP (Exterior Topical Preservative) and primer option.

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ufpEDGE_Primed SPF_XTP_Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet

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Installation Instructions

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15-Yr Limited Warranty

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20-Yr Limited Warranty

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  • What is Primed XTP treated with?
    XTP is a topical preservative treatment that provides extra protection versus rot, termite and fungal decay. Treatment is applied as the first coat and then the second coat is an industry leading water-based primer to lock in the preservative.
  • Do in the field end cuts need to be primed before install?
    Yes, end cuts should be primed with an interior or exterior quality water-based primer depending on where the trim boards are being installed.
  • Is Primed SPF and engineered product?
    No, Primed SPF is solid sawn material but has been kiln dried to improve longer length stability.
  • Does the primer on the SPF and XTP include a white finish, or will it require a topcoat application after install?
    The primer is not a finished white color and will need at least one coat of an appropriate exterior water-based finish after installation.
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UFP-Edge primed trim and fascia products are some of the best on the market. See what trim option best suites your next project.

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