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2024 IBS Media Kit

Modern home with EvoTrim primed trim

Introducing EvoTrim, the superior trim option complete with Tru-Core technology.

The innovative wood treatment infuses five EPA-registered preservatives into the board’s core and provides exceptional stability and is resistant to rot, insects and termites. EvoTrim is factory primed for consistency and ready for a quality top coat finish.

Download our product flyer to learn more about EvoTrim:

Download Flyer


For more information, please see the official press release here.


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UFP-Edge prides itself on consistency in our print and digital marketing materials. If you need our logo, please use an approved option below. The UFP-Edge logo and tagline may be taken apart and used separately, but the preferred treatment is to maintain the graphic when space allows. When used together, the given configuration is fixed and may not be altered. When using the logo at a size less than 1.25-inches wide, the tagline must be removed to maintain maximum legibility. Additionally, the logo and tagline must be separated from all other graphic elements by a clear space, or buffer area. 

See our brand guidelines for more information. 

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