A "Coral-ful" Welcome to the New Year

A "Coral-ful" Welcome to the New Year

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As we usher in the end of the year, we look back over the vibrant and colorful memories we shared during 2018. A year filled with highs and lows, laughs and love and beautiful new trends. At the same time, we begin to look forward to exciting DIY projects that await us in 2019.

To start 2019 off right, Pantone has announced their new color of the year: Pantone 16-1546, or you may prefer its more inviting name, “Living Coral.” It’s a shade that is both life-affirming and nurturing, with hints of a feel-good familiarity. You can’t help but feel a sense of cozy optimism when looking at this warm and inviting color.

UFP-Edge Timeless nickel gap shiplap in pantone's color of the year living coral

You also may find yourself dreaming of decorating endeavors. You probably are even imaging the colors that pair well with such a tantalizingly warm hue. There are several color options that can go hand in hand with Living Coral. These can range from soft beiges to rosy blushes to envious emeralds. But pairing Living Coral with shades of lavish blue and serene oceanic teals is by far the richest of color combinations, giving your space a calming feeling of warmth and welcome.

UFP-Edge cavalry blue timeless nickel gap shiplap bedroom accent wall

Our wonderfully rich shade of UFP-Edge Cavalry Blue Timeless nickel gap shiplap is a perfect complement for Living Coral, offering a bold contrast between the deep cool blue and the warmth of the pinkish orange. A full accent wall of Cavalry Blue with accents of Living Coral will bring the perfect pop of color to tie everything together. We personally love large statement pieces such as repainting old dressers as accent pieces. Other accents to include Living Coral could range from small furniture to pillows and curtains or linens

UFP-Edge cavalry blue timeless nickel gap shiplap bedroom with living coral accents

Or if blue isn’t your thing, you could even create your own Living Coral accent wall by selecting preprimed Timeless nickel gap shiplap and finishing it with your own color. Whatever coral path you choose for your home, we are sure that it will feel warm and welcoming

UFP-Edge timeless nickel gap shiplap pantone living coral accent wall

If you want to add some visual interest to your color combinations, our Charred Wood Coastal Teal will also pair well with Living Coral. This beach-inspired shade of teal will have you feeling as though you have been whisked away to a sunlit beachside vacation.

UFP-Edge coastal teal charred wood shiplap

UFP-Edge coastal teal charred wood shiplap living room accent wall

Living Coral is definitely giving us plenty of optimism as we take our first strides into the new year. Let us know your thoughts about this refreshing color in the comments below.

Pantone color of the year 2019 living coral