Factory-applied wood finishing is one of the hallmarks of the UFP-Edge brand and UFP Industries. We’re committed to quality prefinishing, customer satisfaction and timely delivery. We continuously strive to create exciting new siding, pattern and trim products for our customers and industry partners.

Our dedicated team of product development specialists monitor industry and consumer trends and develops prefinished products to bring to market. We support our prefinishing capabilities by strategically aligning ourselves with the industry’s top coating manufacturers, who provide decades of knowledge and experience.

With UFP-Edge prefinished material, you’ll get a true quality product. Our premium siding, pattern, trim and fascia is manufactured for both performance and appearance at one of our strategically located prefinishing facilities. We continue to expand our national footprint and strengthen our priming and painting capabilities. Each one of our facilities has the ability to prefinish and distribute regional wood and wood alternative products (primed or finished) like wood pattern, trim and fascia, as well as an array of exterior siding.

When prefinishing UFP-Edge products, we use a variety of coatings with low VOC to help reduce the impact on the environment. Our factory-applied machine coat primer covers all six sides of the board to ensure protection and long-term performance. After coating, each piece goes through a drying system to provide a superior cured topcoat. In the end, our prefinishing system ensures consistent and even coverage of primer and paint for the production of high-quality interior and exterior wood and wood alternative products. 

Our advanced prefinishing equipment allows us to coat a variety of substrates with unique finishes for nearly any interior or exterior application. Throughout our prefinishing process, we check materials for defects and quality concerns to make sure the finished surface is simply the best. If you’re looking for primed siding, pattern or trim, or for products with a unique finish, contact us to learn how we can be your prefinishing solution.


  • Wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Fiber cement

  • Primer (standard and Gesso)
  • Clear coat
  • Paint
  • Stain

  • Lineal spray
  • Flood/Brush coat
  • Gesso priming
  • Vacuum coating
  • Reciprocating spray
  • U.V. dryers
  • Color spectrometers

Why Prefinished Siding, Pattern and Trim?

What does this mean for the consumer?  Often times, factory finishing is less costly than painting at the construction site. What’s more, the finish will last longer than a field-applied coating, which means less maintenance over the life of the product. 
And for the builder or installer, the benefit of prefinishing exterior siding and trim products in a controlled environment helps prevent project delays in the field due to poor and unpredictable weather conditions. 
Our prefinished materials also come with longer warranties than other non-finished products. UFP-Edge primed products are ready for a final top coat of paint, and comes with a warranty against peeling, flaking and chalking.



Durability of Wood Coatings 

Photodegradation Effects

Designed for the Ultimate Look and Performance

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Pattern Stock

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Exterior wood siding is meticulously crafted for both functionality and to enhance the exterior beauty of the home.

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