Primed SPF Trim & Fascia

UFP-Edge primed SPF trim lets you create stunning accents that dress and protect your home. Our branded offering of exterior wood trim and fascia is sure to provide years of low-maintenance beauty and enhanced curb appeal. Our primer is covered under a 15-year limited warranty to protect against peeling, flaking and chalking.

And for the ultimate protection, choose our new XTP (Exterior Topical Preservative) and primer option. XTP fortifies each board and safeguards against rot and termites.

Features & Benefits

  • Knotty SPF wood is kiln dried and stable
  • 1X, 5/4-in, 2X in a variety of widths up to 12 in.
  • Variety of lengths up to 24 ft.
  • Two-sided board surface: S1S2E or S4S (resawn or combed)
  • Factory-applied coating enhanced with mildewcide
  • Coated on all sides for ultimate protection
  • Economical choice for interior/exterior fascia and trim
  • 20-year XTP warranty against peeling, flaking, rot and termites

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Available Profiles

  • 1x3 through 1x6 and 2x4 through 2x12 in a variety of lengths
  • Variety of pattern stock (shiplap/tongue and groove)
  • S1S2E or S4S 

Surface Options

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