What Size Shiplap Should I Use?

What Size Shiplap Should I Use?

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 Charred wood smoke white horizontal 1x6 size shiplap in Scandinavian living room

Shiplap Size Matters

If you are looking to add shiplap to your home, note that there are several different width options. Each shiplap width will give your interior a different aesthetic. There are three common shiplap widths on the market: 1x4, 1x6 and 1x8. Here are our recommendations for using different widths of wood wall cladding to your home's advantage.

1 in. x 4 in. Shiplap Boards

UFP-Edge farmhouse white nickel gap shiplap kitchen island wrap

  • Often installed vertically
  • Popular for using as wainscoting or island wraps
  • Greater gap reveal makes it better for use in tighter areas
  • Available in our Timeless nickel gap style 

1x4 inch shiplap is our most narrow shiplap width available. For visual reference, this width is slightly wider than a "skinny lap" (1x2 inch boards) or beadboard (typically 1 1/2 inch to 3 inch width). These boards can be installed horizontally or vertically, but many people like to install it vertically for a look that's similar to beadboard. These boards can be installed on ceilings, walls, island wraps or as a wainscoting application. Because of the more narrow board and greater gap reveal, these boards look best in smaller rooms and tighter areas making the rooms look larger than they actually are. 

To create a unique shiplap pattern design, you can mix and match this size with other widths.

Wood wall cladding shiplap pattern with Timeless shiplap in a mid-century modern living room

1x4 shiplap cladding board widths  

1 in. x 6 in. Shiplap Boards

UFP-Edge farmhouse white timeless nickel gap shiplap 1x6 shiplap in bathroom

1x6 shiplap boards are the most commonly used width of shiplap. In between the 1x4 inch and 1x8 inch widths, this 6-inch shiplap size provides the most classic, versatile look. For best optimization of the nickel gap reveal, use in small to medium sized rooms. Great for use on accent walls, ceilings, and as a wainscoting application. 

When installed vertically, these 1x6 shiplap boards can help elongate walls and emphasize the height of a room making it look taller. Try installing 1x6 shiplap boards on both walls and ceilings to exaggerate wall height further. 

1x6 shiplap cladding board widths

1 in. x 8 in. Shiplap Boards

UFP-Edge farmhouse white timeless nickel gap shiplap 1x8 shiplap cladding in hallway

1x8 shiplap boards are our widest size available. Their wide face makes it easier to cover a larger area in less time. The wider face champions a modern style compared to the more contemporary, classic look that you get with a 1x6 shiplap. Since you'll have less seams with this size, in a small area it will make the room look cramped. Opt for using this size shiplap in medium to large areas of coverage. 

1x8 shiplap cladding board widths

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Style differences in shiplap cladding board widths