Is it safe to install shiplap in a bathroom?

Is it safe to install shiplap in a bathroom?

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Timeless Granite Gray Shiplap in Bathroom

Upgrade your home with a shiplap bathroom for added texture, dimension, and style. 

UFP-Edge shiplap works in a bathroom  

Is it safe to install shiplap in my bathroom? Many DIYers want to know if it is safe to install shiplap in their bathroom or in other areas often associated with high levels of humidity or moisture. No one wants to worry about mildew, decay or a peeling paint surface. 

UFP-Edge shiplap works in a bathroom, as long as you are not installing shiplap in an area that is frequently exposed to water such as a shower surround. If you are using our primed shiplap options, we recommend applying a coat of mildew-resistant paint. You can also apply a clear coat sealer to the boards to give them an additional layer of moisture protection. This is not necessary if you are using our prepainted shiplap boards, but we do recommend applying wood sealant on any exposed edges or seams to ensure moisture resistance. It is important to make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated for continued protection against wear and tear. 

Upgrade your bathroom with shiplap

Shiplap can be a fantastic added feature in a bathroom when it is applied as a wainscoting application, ceiling, sink backsplash, or accent wall. Not only is it a budget-friendly home project, being that it's a smaller area needing coverage, but it adds a large amount of texture, color, and dimension for a minimum amount of money and time. Shiplap just might be your answer to your bathroom upgrade project. Check out some of these unique ways shiplap is used in these bathrooms with our varying shiplap styles and textures. Shiplap isn't just for the modern farmhouse style.

Shiplap Wainscoting


Is it safe to install shiplap in your bathroom?

Design by Bria Hammel 

Timeless Cavalry Blue Shiplap Half Wall Bathroom

Installing shiplap as a wainscoting application or half wall is popular in combination with wallpaper or a painted wall. The shiplap balances the color and pattern with it's clean lines and smooth surface. Get this look with our Timeless shiplap

Get Bold

Timeless Primed Shiplap Emerald Green Gold Mirror

 A bathroom is a great place to try out bold, on-trend colors. Get this look with our Timeless primed shiplap and paint it an emerald green. 

 Nickel Gap_Midnight Black 1x8 Bathroom

Who says you can't have shiplap on both your ceiling and your walls? This black and white shiplap combination only adds to this modern bathroom look with our Timeless shiplap in Farmhouse White and Midnight Black.

Add Texture

Charred Smoke White shiplap bathroom

Here our Charred Wood Smoke White shiplap embraces a bit of coastal vibes as it is compliments these true blue walls.

Bright and White

 Beautiful white shiplap bathroom with gold accents

Haven List

Your bathroom is somewhere you typically spend a lot of your life getting ready for your day. Adding white shiplap to your bathroom walls can make your space feel brighter, bigger, and cleaner. Start your day out in a place that's going to make you happy. Get this look with our Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap.   

Find the right shiplap style for your bathroom project

Whether you decide to install shiplap as an accent wall, on your ceiling, or as a half wall application, shiplap is a great addition for virtually any bathroom. UFP-Edge offers a variety of styles for all different home personalities. For more frequently asked questions, head over to our FAQ page.

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TImeless_Granite Gray Bathroom