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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Interior Trim

Beach house screen door interior with UFP-Edge premium primed trim

When it comes to interior design, people tend to focus on the more visible aspects, such as paint color and furniture. But the truth is, it's the small details that can make or break a space. One of those details is your trim. It may seem like a small thing, but having the right trim can take your space from basic to beautiful. This guide will hopefully help your decision-making process for the right primed interior trim for your new build or remodel.


Consider style

The first step to choosing the right primed interior trim is to consider your personal style. Different trim styles give off different aesthetic vibes. For a more traditional look, you might opt for crown molding and baseboards with curves and detailed edges. For a more modern look, you might want to stick with a simpler trim with clean, straight lines. Premium Primed trim comes in a square edge profile.


Determine function

Trim isn't just there to look pretty, it also has a function. Baseboards, for example, protect your walls from scuffs and wear and tear. Crown molding can add character and depth to a room while also hiding any gaps between the ceiling and walls. Determine what functions you need your trim to serve and choose accordingly. Premium Primed trim is made with quality lumber and finger-jointed and edge-glued in order to withstand the test of time.


Pick the right size

Once you know what style you want and what functions you need your trim to serve, it's time to pick the right size. The size of your trim can drastically affect the look and feel of your space. As a general rule, the taller the room, the larger the trim can be. This will give your space a more grand and polished look. Premium Primed trim offers a range of widths and lengths to fit any room's dimensions.


Consider the material

The type of material you choose for your trim will also play a role in the overall look and feel of your space. Many people opt for wood trim, but there are also alternative options like MDF and PVC. These materials can be more cost-effective, but they may lack the longevity and workability of wood. Premium Primed trim is made with premium, solid wood and customizable to any finish.


Choose a reputable brand

Lastly, but most importantly, choose a reputable brand when it comes to your trim. A reputable brand offers premium quality, expertise, and customization to your trim. You can be confident in their product and that it will last and add value to your space.


Choosing the right primed interior trim for your new build or remodel is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Take into consideration your personal style, the function you need your trim to serve, the size of your space, the material you want, and the brand you trust. Premium Primed trim offers an array of styles, sizes, and materials to choose from. We offer to you not only a premium trim product, but the expertise from our team of experts from years of doing business within the industry.


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