5 Ways to Use Shiplap In Your Home

5 Ways to Use Shiplap In Your Home

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Normally, when people think shiplap, they think accent walls, but there is more to shiplap than just walls. You can use it horizontally, vertically and in so many unique applications other than full walls. Shiplap has the added benefit of being available in a wide range of colors and finishes, making it fit with just about any style and budget.

With so many possibilities, we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite unique ways you can use shiplap in your home. 

Shiplap Fireplace Accents

Using shiplap around fireplaces is a great way to hide unwanted brick surfaces. Rustic Collection shiplap and trim were used to create a beautiful, bright and clean fireplace accent in this home.

UFP-Edge white rustic collection shiplap fireplace accent

Shiplap Bathroom Backsplashes

Look out tile, shiplap is moving in as a great alternative to tile accents in the bathroom. Deep sea blue Charred Wood shiplap makes a wonderful addition to any nautical bathroom theme.

UFP-Edge deep sea blue charred wood shiplap cladding bathroom accent  

Shiplap Ceilings

Sick of that dated popcorn ceiling, or have a plain ceiling you want to spruce up? Try adding some shiplap. Our Rustic Collection shiplap is the perfect way to add rustic finishes to any ceiling.

UFP-Edge gray rustic collection shiplap ceiling 

Shiplap Kitchen Island and Bar Wraps

Instead of finishing a kitchen island or bar with paint or stain, try adding shiplap for a unique textured appearance. With Rustic Collection shiplap, you can add a simple rustic accent to your kitchen island or bar without undergoing a full remodel. 

UFP-Edge dark brown rustic collection shiplap kitchen island wrap 

Shiplap Mudroom Accents

Add eye-catching patterns by finishing your mudroom with shiplap. Weathered Wood accent boards allow you to create simple, multicolored reclaimed wood accents without the work of reclaiming the wood yourself.

UFP-Edge weathered wood accent boards rustic mudroom shiplap

Have a fun shiplap project you completed in your home? Let us know in the comments below. For more information on unique shiplap products, visit our accent walls page.

UFP-Edge dark brown rustic collection shiplap kitchen island wrap rustic accent