How to Get Free Shiplap Delivery

How to Get Free Shiplap Delivery

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Start your home project in the click of a button!  

With the recent pandemic of the Coronavirus, many people are making investments in their home as they are spending more time at home than ever. Google search trends show the search for “home project ideas” is up higher now than in the last ten years! Thankfully, home projects have never been easier with being able to order product online that ships to your home in the click of a button. No need to make a trip to the store.  

Whether you’ve always shopped online or it’s a new avenue for you, it’s becoming more of the norm, especially in these current times. If you have been wanting to update your home with shiplap, now is a great time to use our prepainted shiplap options. No need to buy paint. Our prepainted shiplap saves you both time and money. See how it looks in a several different styles. You can’t tell it’s prepainted! 

 Rustic Gray Shiplap Fireplace

Add texture to a room with our prepainted Rustic Collection Gray shiplap 

Edge Timeless white shiplap bench.

Add a classic look with our prepainted Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap

 Charred Smoke Shiplap as wainscoting with dog on sofa

Add character with our prepainted Charred Wood Smoke White shiplap 

If you are wondering how to go about buying our shiplap product online, we’ll walk you through our best-selling styles and the different options available to you. Both Lowes and Home Depot carry UFP-Edge products, depending on which style of shiplap you want to buy, and will ship to your home for free.

Charred Smoke White shiplap wall

If you love the look of Charred Wood Smoke shiplap, Home Depot and Lowes both carry this product. Home Depot and Lowes offer free shipping up to 8ft lengths. (Please note: product supply may be dependent on your location) 

Rustic White shiplap wall
If you prefer the look of the Rustic Collection White shiplap, Lowes offers free shipping for a pack of 6 boards measuring 4ft in length and Home Depot offers free shipping for a pack of 6 boards in lengths up to 8ft. (Please note: product supply may be dependent on your location) 

Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap
Perhaps your more of a fan of the Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap. Lowes offers to ship to your home in a pack of 6 at the 6ft length. Home Depot carries it in a pack of 6 and will ship free up to 8ft lengths. (Please note: product supply may be dependent on your location) 

Wondering how much shiplap to order? Check out our coverage calculator to easily figure out how many kits/packs you may need depending on your room size. 

Ready to get started on your home project? View the products available for FREE home delivery with these online retailers:


Can't find the product your looking for? Check out our where to buy page to see which independent retailers also carry our products. Most independent retailers will ship to store for free. 


Rustic Gray Shiplap Fireplace