Spruce Up Your Home Office to Make Work-From-Home Work for You

Spruce Up Your Home Office to Make Work-From-Home Work for You

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 Charred Wood Ash Gray Vertical Shiplap Home Office 

Employees who work from home may be able to get by for a little while with a desk in a spare room of their house. But for a longer-term work-from-home assignment, you can make your workspace more pleasant and more productive in just a few steps. For example, fresh wall treatments such as Weathered Wood Accent Boards from UFP-Edge can give your home office a more permanent feel.

Make Your Work-From-Home Work For You

There’s a reason custom Zoom backgrounds have become so popular. Well, two reasons: One, of course, is that millions more Americans than normal are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing videoconferencing activity on several platforms to all-time highs.

Two, not everybody has a great-looking home office.

No wonder some of our colleagues join video conferences from the beach or a mountain retreat. They don’t want us to see the old wallpaper in their office or the unfinished surroundings of their makeshift workspace in a storage room.

 “Now you can have that perfectly designed coastal living room or modern office you've always wanted,” said Amanda Hall, content marketer for UFP-Edge. Check out these 11 free custom videoconferencing backgrounds available for download.


Black Timeless Fireplace Zoom Background

Who wouldn’t want to appear as though they’re working from this living room, featuring a fireplace surround with Timeless Nickel Gap Midnight Black shiplap? It’s one of 11 custom Zoom backgrounds available for download. 

Custom videoconferencing backgrounds work great in a pinch when you find yourself working from home on a temporary basis. But as weeks turn into months during the current pandemic, many of us are finding that we’re in for a much longer period of working from home. 

Even as some states now are taking measured steps to reopen businesses, many employers are encouraging or requiring people to continue working from home. In fact, for many Americans, working from home will be the new normal even after the Coronavirus crisis subsides. 

According to a recent survey, three-fourths of CFOs say that at least some of their workers who used to report to offices instead will become permanent work-from-home employees after the pandemic ends. One analyst predicts that by the end of 2021 as many as 30 million Americans will work from home on a regular basis as companies see the cost benefits of downsizing office space. That would be a six-fold increase from before the pandemic.

While it might benefit businesses to keep their employees working from home, many home workspaces are neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing. During temporary stay-at-home orders across the country, some workers have set up shop at their kitchen table, or in their bedroom or in a common space in their home shared by children or a spouse. 

A custom Zoom background can work for a while, like putting a Band-aid on the situation. But you may need to consider a more permanent arrangement to foster productivity and emotional well-being for the long haul.


Investing In A Home Office For The Long Haul

Establishing a distinct home office or dedicated workspace goes a long way toward making work-from-home employees happy and healthy, experts say.

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In some cases, the process can be as simple as decluttering a desk and setting it up to meet your work-from-home needs. A new coat of paint, quality lighting and even some green plants or fresh flowers can make a big difference, too. In other cases, work-from-home employees may want to complement that desk with wall treatments to make it feel like a fully furnished office rather than just a standalone desk. One easy DIY way to do that is by installing shiplap. 

“In a home office space, shiplap works great as either an accent wall, ceiling, or half-wall application,” Hall said. “Unlike new office furniture, you can restyle a room for $500 or less depending on the square-footage of the area you want to cover. 

“Use our coverage calculator to help you determine how many kits of shiplap you may need.”

If you enjoy spending time in your home office or workspace, chances are you’ll be happier at work. And if you’re happier at work, chances are you’ll be much more productive. 

What can you do to your home office or workspace to make it a better place to spend your day? Take a look at these beautiful work-from-home spaces for ideas:

 Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap CProom
Adding shiplap and green plants can give your home workspace a finished appearance that both looks great and helps you get into the right frame of mind to be productive. This room features Timeless Farmhouse White nickel gap shiplap.

Rustic White Shiplap_1x6 Desk Area3
Shiplap walls, new lighting and attractive shelving can transform a little-used nook into a productive home office that’s the envy of colleagues. This delightful home office features prepainted Rustic White Collection shiplap.

Rustic Collection Brown Shiplap Office Asian Woman Working 

For under $500, you can turn an unfinished area of your house into an attractive home workspace just by installing shiplap on the wall. This home workspace features prepainted Rustic Collection Brown shiplap.




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