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Go Bold in Small Spaces

Eclectic Green Shiplap Powder Room Marble Sink Gold Mirror

This beautiful, contemporary bathroom is dressed floor to ceiling in our Timeless primed shiplap with Amazon Green paint by Benjamin Moore.

Popular interior design trends add bold accents

Interior designs have shifted from the prominent Scandinavian all-white style to include bold contrasts. Designers are using darker hues and moodier tones to offset neutrals and create a sense of depth and emotion. Michelle and George Tadros, designers and owners of West Lane Company in Southern California, would agree, as they are seeing more color and texture at play in wall treatments and cabinetry than in previous years. 

Greens are trending in 2022 

The Tadroses have been experimenting with darker color in their own home as they recently finished an eclectic green powder room. From floor to ceiling, they installed our Timeless primed shiplap and painted it with Amazon Green by Benjamin Moore, which is very much on-trend considering greens have been the top picks of paint experts for 2022. The vertical nickel gap shiplap lines give it modern flair and dimension and bring life to their moody color choice. They even painted their ceilings the same green to give the illusion of height.  

Eclectic modern green shiplap bathroom featuring Timeless shiplap sink mirror

Test out edgy designs in smaller spaces

Michelle explained, “Because it’s so small, we wanted to go really bold.” Smaller spaces are the perfect areas to test out edgier designs because of the limited boundaries. Floor-to-ceiling, dark-green shiplap might be a bit much on all four walls of your living room, but in a powder room it can make a stunning statement.  

Green shiplap bathroom mood board
This is the original vision board for the powder room by West Lane Company. 

To complement the dark green shiplap, they painted the door black and added gold hardware. And for a bit of contrast, they installed a white vanity with a light marbled countertop. The contemporary art was the icing on the cake for this powder room. 

Eclectic modern green shiplap bathroom featuring Timeless shiplap sink mirror door

Timeless shiplap is easy to install

The Tadroses have worked with shiplap in countless other projects, but they continued to express how easy Timeless shiplap is to work with. George commented, “I was really impressed with it compared to some of the other [shiplap] products we’ve worked with. It’s a very versatile product that is easy to use.” They like the fact that the shiplap is interlocking and made from solid wood so that boards fit together smoothly with the tongue-and-groove profile and fine cuts are simple to execute. 

Eclectic modern green shiplap bathroom featuring Timeless shiplap toilet contemporary art

Install tips

The Tadroses provided some tips for installing our Timeless shiplap

Here’s what they recommend:

1. Calculate wisely:

Do the right math and use templates before you cut. It’s better to spend more time strategizing beforehand than having to buy more product from mistakes later. When installing the last plank, trim the inside edge of the tongue and groove so it fits flush. Depending on your measurements, you may need to trim the first board and the last board so you don’t end up with a very narrow plank at the end of the wall.

2. Measure each wall in different spots:

We found out that the left wall was shorter than the right wall. Not every wall will be the same so make sure to measure each wall and in different spots. The beautiful thing about the tongue-and-groove pattern is that you can adjust the boards for a slightly bigger gap if needed. 

3. Paint in the direction of the shiplap

Since our shiplap was installed vertically, we paint sprayed in the same direction. This helped to make sure that the color was evenly distributed within the gaps.


A timeless design creates ongoing ROI 

  Before shiplap green bathroom  Green shiplap eclectic powder room with Timeless primed shiplap                                        BEFORE                                                   AFTER

The Tadroses are very happy with the result of their powder room and are excited to show it off. They often consider their home to be a showroom and recommend the quality products they have used to clients. The Tadroses’ clients are inspired by their beautiful designs and the products they use, and find that it enhances the level of trust clients have in their design abilities.  

The Tadroses have created another masterpiece to add to their “show room.” The Timeless shiplap, “makes it look completely different. We didn’t want to look at drywall.” Now with more style and dramatic edge, this powder room is an experience all in itself. The rest of their home is much tamer and calmer, but this high contrast style works well in a small powder room. 

Do you have a small space in your home that would be the perfect testing ground for a unique design you’ve always wanted to try? Check out all our shiplap accent wall products for a material that fits your home’s design and style needs. 



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