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Locating and Marking Studs for Shiplap Installation

Shiplap stud finder

When you are installing shiplap over drywall, you’ll need to find and mark your studs before you begin. An accurate marking of your studs will provide an efficient install process for a look that lasts. Finding and marking your studs is a simple process­. Follow these steps to help guide you.



Steps to finding and marking your studs for shiplap installation: 


1. To locate your wall studs, it’s easiest to use a stud finder to help you locate studs quickly and accurately. Once you have a stud finder, turn it on and start moving it flat along the wall. Start from one side of the wall and work your way towards the other side. The stud finder will alert you via a beep or flash once it finds a stud. You’ll want to mark your stud near the top and bottom of your wall, so you’ll have two markings for each stud. For further accuracy, mark the middle of each stud with a pencil.. 


Marking for studs


Shiplap stud finder

*Pro tip: We recommend double checking your studs with a small drill bit on your electric screwdriver to make sure that there are in fact studs where the stud finder says there are. Not every stud finder will be 100% accurate.


2. Once you find one stud, it’s a lot easier to find the others since studs are either 16 or 24 inches apart depending on the wall. Move your stud finder along the wall until you find the other studs. Repeat the above process. 


3.  Once you find all the studs along the wall, you’ll want to snap a chalk line to have a straight line of the vertical studs. Hold your chalk line from top to bottom of the wall directly over your stud marks. Snap for an even line. You may want to ask a friend to help hold your chalk line in place.


Marking studs with a chalkline


 Measuring the wall for shiplap


4. Now that you have you found your studs and marked them, you are ready to install your shiplap. If you are installing shiplap vertically, you'll install your furring strips horizontally and fasten them directly into each stud. 


Did you know you could affix shiplap two different ways? See how to install your shiplap now that your studs are properly marked. 




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