What Are The Differences Between Rustic and Scandinavian Styles

What Are The Differences Between Rustic and Scandinavian Styles

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Not sure if using shiplap cladding in your home will give you the Scandinavian style you desire or if it will add a more country rustic look? Learn about the unique design elements of the two styles and see how you can incorporate shiplap with each look.

Scandinavian style 

UFP-Edge cavalry blue timeless nickel gap shiplap bedroom

Key Style Elements

  • Natural materials
  • Simple accents
  • Neutral colors
  • Proper lighting
  • Form and functionality

Scandinavian design is known for its focus on clean lines, minimalism and functionality. This emphasis means almost nothing is without purpose within the space. You’ll notice extra thought put into why the chairs curve a certain way or why the lighting illuminates where it does. Even the type of materials used –leather, metals and woods-- play a role in achieving something that’s functional while remaining minimalist in design.

Shiplap, which is more commonly associated with the rustic style, is actually the perfect fit for Scandinavian design. Left in its natural unfinished state, wood shiplap complements the Scandinavian emphasis on incorporating natural materials. When finished with a neutral color, it creates gorgeous straight lines and quite the minimalist look and feel, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the other Scandinavian design elements.

Rustic style

UFP-Edge white rustic collection shiplap bedroom

Key Style Elements

  • Organic shapes
  • Mismatched furniture
  • Natural materials
  • Mixing neutral and bold colors
  • Reclaimed items

Although similar to the Scandinavian style with the use of woods and other natural materials, the rustic style is more about a free-form organic look. It puts less emphasis on design and functionality and cares less for the minimalist aesthetic. Instead, the rustic style embraces more organic edges and the mixing of textures, colors and patterns. But this doesn’t mean the design choices have any less meaning to them; their meaning is just more about finding love in second-hand items. Or finding beauty in natural imperfections and feeling okay with mixing and matching furniture and other décor for a more eclectic look.

And we all know it’s almost impossible to think of rustic and not think of shiplap. Shiplap fits perfectly with rustic décor due to its many style and finish options. You can use rustic shiplap for a reclaimed look and feel or white shiplap for a farmhouse look. Even the natural imperfections found in wood allow it to embrace the free-form organic style of rustic. 

Do you prefer rustic or Scandinavians styles? Or do you try to find a balance of both in your décor? Let us know in the comments below. Head over to our gallery for some more rustic and Scandinavian inspiration.

UFP-Edge differences between rustic and scandinavian styles