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3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Timeless Blue Shiplap bathroom with gold wallpaper

Test New Designs In The Powder Room

Because bathrooms are usually small places, they are fun areas to try out bold design choices. Bathrooms can become an experimental playground for your interior designs. You may try something in your bathroom and come to love it so much you want to try it in other areas of your home. The smaller space makes it budget-friendly and easy to redecorate if your eager to change things up. A guest bathroom or powder room is a great place to test a vibrant color, a patterned wallpaper, or textured wall paneling. 

1. Get Vibrant With Color 

Unless you have an eclectic style, you may not want to paint your entire living room emerald green, but a bathroom is the perfect place for a bold, vibrant color. A pop of color in your bathroom can brighten up the space and add character to a neutral colored home. 

Bold light pink bathroom with pink wash basin, white accents, and gold fixtures

Add color by playing with colored fixtures like these pink wash basins. 

Bold bathroom shiplap in burgundy

By Bria Hammel. Deep hues like this burgundy brown pair well with brass and gold fixtures. Paint our 1x6 Timeless primed nickel gap shiplap or install our prepainted Rustic Collection dark brown barnwood to get this look. 

2. Pattern it up with wallpaper 

Adding a patterned wallpaper on an area in your bathroom can be a nice way to add some color and dimension to a small space. 

Is it safe to install shiplap in your bathroom?

By Bria Hammel. This floral blue wallpaper adds pattern and color to this predominantly white bathroom. 

Timeless shiplap bathroom half wall blue with gold wallpaper

This Gatsby-like gold wallpaper complements the brass fixtures and pairs well with our Timeless Cavalry Blue shiplap

3. Add Texture With Shiplap Wall Paneling

Another way to add texture and dimension to your bathroom is through wood wall paneling. Browse our shiplap styles for unique finishes like our wire-brushed Rustic shiplap that creates depth and style. 

Charred Smoke White shiplap bathroom

This Coastal bathroom features UFP-Edge Charred Wood Smoke shiplap

 Full view of Timeless shiplap powder room wall to ceiling

The bright white of our 1x8 Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap creates a clean, fresh look from floor to ceiling in this bathroom by Palm Grove Farmhouse

These are just a few ways to brighten up your bathroom. Check out our gallery page for more ideas.



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