Collaboration Project with Palm Grove Farmhouse (part 1)

Collaboration Project with Palm Grove Farmhouse (part 1)

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Home Exterior progress

Palm Grove Farmhouse exterior in progress.

Teaming up with an Interior Specialist

We recently teamed up with Stephanie Wilson from Palm Grove Farmhouse to showcase some of our stunning shiplap styles. We love to involve interior design gurus to see what creative projects they can inspire us with. We began talking with Stephanie last fall as she told us about the plans for her dream house on acres of lush greenery in Vero Beach, Florida.

The Land

  PalmGrove Farmhouse entrance

 The entrance to Palm Grove Farmhouse 

PGFarmhouse DockHouse

Part of their land includes a pond and pool house– a great spot for relaxation. 

Why shiplap?

Stephanie and her husband bought the land four years ago and started breaking ground in fall 2019. Stephanie wanted a modern farmhouse style and so, of course, she began looking for shiplap. Shiplap goes with a modern farmhouse like butter goes with bread. It’s one of the details that makes the style unique. In the classic modern farmhouse, you’ll see applications of smooth white shiplap, but that’s not the only type of shiplap that works with that style. Stephanie decided on pairing two of our most popular shiplap collections for a look that really pops.  

Stephanie with Ash Gray shiplap

 Stephanie selected our Timeless Farmhouse White, Timeless primed, and Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap styles for her home. She said she instantly fell in love with our Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap for its unique texture and organic feel without having to mess with any stain. Read more about why she chose UFP-Edge shiplap on her blog. If you’re looking for quality shiplap with shortcuts on painting and staining, we have prepainted options that will save on both time and money. 

Charred Wood Gallery Ash Living Room Fireplace 

Here's what Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap looks like when applied as a fireplace surround in a finished home. 

The Shiplap Install has Begun

The shiplap install has begun at Palm Grove Farmhouse. Shiplap is going in several different areas of their home including their great room, kitchen, foyer, master bedroom, and more.

Great Room

 They first began installing shiplap in their Great Room. They started off by building beautiful square ceiling inlay frames to house the Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap. The white framing with the contrast of the textured gray shiplap makes the ceiling really pop. 

 Great room before_PalmGroveFarmhouse  Great Room after shiplap install  Great Room after closeup

 Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap ceiling    Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap ceiling


In their foyer area, they started with similar ceiling inlays as their Great Room for added consistency and style with the Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap. The walls are dressed in 1x8 Timeless primed shiplap and will be painted white.

 Foyer before shiplap  UFP-Edge Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap in ceiling inlays in foyer area UFP-Edge Timeless shiplap on walls



The walls along their staircase are 1x8 Timeless primed shiplap. This space will be painted white for a crisp, fresh look in their stairway area. 

Before shiplap staircase UFP-Edge Timeless shiplap on Palm Grove Farmhouse stairs


The kitchen ceiling is covered in Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap.

 Kitchen before shiplap  UFP-Edge Charred Ash Gray shiplap kitchen ceiling

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom before shiplap_PalmGrove Farmhouse  Shiplap ceiling install

Charred Wood Ash Gray will shiplap be installed in Master Bedroom ceiling. 

Morning Room

Morning Room before shiplap  Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap ceiling  

Charred Wood Ash Gray shiplap will go in this ceiling inlay they built. 

Pool House and Powder Room

Stay tuned for photos!

Stay updated

Palm Grove Farmhouse is underway, and we are excited to keep sharing this project build with you. Stay tuned for more updates, and check out the Palm Grove Farmhouse page for more information. 

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Front of house build in progress_PalmGrove_cropped