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Exterior Design Becoming More Custom, Less Cookie-Cutter

Modern home with UFP-Edge thermally modified wood collection siding

The home interior has always been considered a place of self-expression, but in new home design we’re seeing a similar thoughtfulness and focus being put into the exterior.

Designers are creating homes with cohesive styles that are interwoven into every detail: from the very first look, throughout the interior, and extending onto outdoor living. The design style is fluid throughout the entire home. Those creating their dream homes want less of a cookie-cutter appearance and more of a custom aesthetic that showcases their personality.

Vinyl Siding Tan Home


Gone are the days of mono-material, single-colored homes. Today, home designs are getting more creative with a wide variety of materials, color contrast and the specific use of shapes and lines. Here are a few examples of those exterior trends. 


Bolder, Darker Contrasts

We’re seeing homes designs go bolder with darker contrasts like this home featuring black board and batten against a mix of creamy white brick. 


Frankel Building Group Mixed Materials Exterior Design Trend Bold Contrast


This modern, woodsy home, featuring our Thermally Modified Wood Cladding in Timber Ridge and Natural shows how contrasting colors can complement one another.  


Woodsy Thermally Modified Cladding Timber Ridge Home Modern Exterior Design Contrast

Mixed Materials 

Exteriors are taking shape with a mix of materials like wood, stone, brick, shake, aluminum, and fiber cement. Because of this trend, homes dressed in the same material are becoming more outdated.


This modern home shows a beautiful mix of warm wood, white brick, and dark board and batten. 


Exterior home designs exteriors of insta mixed materials



This exterior design is full of texture as it mixes wood, stone, brick, and fiber cement siding. 


Exterior design trends mixed materials Old Town design group


This home features Thermally Modified Lost Trail wood cladding, fiber cement, and stone.

Exterior design trend mixed materials featuring Thermally Modified Lost Trail cladding

Playing With Lines and Shapes 

Rather than wrapping a home horizontally in the same width of siding, we’re seeing multiple widths and different line directions that create shape and dimension for the eye. 


This home juxtaposes siding widths in both vertical and horizontal applications, featuring Thermally Modified Wood Cladding in VG Hemlock


Thermally Modified VG Hemlock wood cladding exterior design trend modern shape lines


This home shares a mix of shapes and varying lines with square shakes; horizontal lap siding; wide aluminum sheeting; long, rectangular windows; vertical columns; and a unique arched entryway. 

Exterior design trends dark moody palmgrove farmhouse

Whether building new or remodeling, try upgrading your home exterior by going bold with contrast, adding a mix of materials and varying widths and orientations. Interested in our Thermally Modified Wood Cladding? Check out all our prefinished options for an exceptional addition to your home.  




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