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2019 Trends: Blue Shiplap

UFP-Edge calvary blue nickel gap shiplap kitchen

Last month we discussed the hot new trend of black shiplap and hoped to inspire your edgier side. This month we thought we would lighten it up and take a look at another hot trend for 2019. A color that is getting so hot Behr even picked it for their 2019 color of the year: Blueprint. 

In the last few years, varying shades of navy blue have been popping up everywhere as a popular option for big home décor pieces and accent walls. Most often, it’s used on kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and other large pieces of furniture. However, changing out things like cabinets and vanities can involve lots of time, money and planning. Homeowners want quick and easy solutions for adding this navy shade that don’t involve having to remodel their entire kitchen or bathroom.

It is no surprise that navy blue accent walls are starting to appear as a simpler makeover option. It’s an easy DIY project anyone can do in a weekend. This love of navy blue has even begun to make its way onto the shiplap bandwagon. People are discovering they can include this rich hue with their love for shiplap and create some truly stunning accent walls within their home.

Blue Shiplap Bedrooms

If you’re looking to add a shade of navy blue to your bedroom, why not take it a step further with our Cavalry Blue Timeless nickel gap shiplap. This creamy, smooth shade of blue brings an air of royal sophistication and richness to the bedroom. It pops against white accents or pairs beautifully with pinks and corals.

UFP-Edge calvary blue nickel gap shiplap bedroom accent wall

UFP-Edge calvary blue nickel gap shiplap bedroom accent wall

Blue Shiplap Kitchens

You don’t have to redo your cabinets to include navy blue in your kitchen. You can add blue shiplap walls. Or get trendy with shiplap backsplashes instead of tile. 

UFP-Edge calvary blue nickel gap shiplap kitchen

Blue Shiplap Bathrooms

Speaking of thinking beyond tile backsplashes, blue shiplap is the perfect addition as an accent wall or backsplash in bathrooms.

UFP-Edge calvary blue nickel gap shiplap bathroom accent wall

Blue Shiplap Home Accents

Add blue shiplap to hallways and other home accents within your home for a bold take on something traditional.

UFP-Edge calvary blue nickel gap shiplap reading nook

 Do you love this navy hue as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below.

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