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What Makes Shiplap So Popular in Mudrooms?

UFP-Edge farmhouse white timeless nickel gap shiplap laundry room.

Mudrooms are not only entryway spaces, but they serve as functional areas for storage in the comings and goings of residents and guests. A good mudroom design makes organization easy in a high-traffic area. The key elements of an efficient mudroom include adequate storage, hooks for everyday-use items, and seating for transitioning footwear. Some mudrooms also include a sink and laundry for easily washing dirty hands and clothes, reducing the amount of dirt and germs being tracked throughout the home. 

Shiplap Is More Durable Than Typical Drywall

A top reason why we believe our shiplap is a popular material for mudrooms because of its durability. In these high-traffic areas, shiplap is much better than drywall in handling and hiding dings, nicks and dirt. Shiplap is not indestructible and you may need to clean it periodically or use touch-up paint. When installing shiplap boards, we recommend securing them to the studs; this provides greater hanging strength for hooks. You don't have to worry about heavy coats and bags pulling your hooks out of the wall like you would with drywall. 

Shiplap Easily Adds Style To A Mudroom 

Another reason why shiplap is a popular material for mudrooms is because it easily provides aesthetic appeal. Shiplap instantly differentiates a mudroom space and adds style with its nickel gap lines, color and texture. You don't need a lot of shiplap since it's often installed in a hall tree or a small area above a bench.

It's a lesser cost and a lower time commitment than an entire accent wall or ceiling project, but a small amount of shiplap will instantly change the look of the space. Complete the look with prefinished trim to match your shiplap. We offer a variety of prepainted colors and textures for different interior design styles. Browse each shiplap collection to find the right look for your home mudroom project. 

Shiplap Mudroom Inspiration

Check out some these shiplap mudrooms for inspiration for your next mudroom project.

Nickel Gap_Midnight Black 1x6_MudRoom

This simple mudroom area showcases our prepainted Timeless Midnight Black shiplap vertically installed and matched with Timeless Midnight Black trim.

Charred Wood Gallery Shiplap Smoke White Mudroom

Our Charred Wood Smoke White shiplap adds character with its unique and dramatized woodgrain.

Nickel Gap_Farmhouse White_ShiplapMudroomNewGap

Keep it white and bright with our prepainted Timeless Farmhouse White shiplap and pair it with matching trim. 


Chango & Co. A mudroom can be a good area to try a moodier color since it’s a smaller space within the home. Get a similar look with our Timeless primed shiplap and paint it with Lava Gray PPG paint.

Timeless prepainted Farmhouse White shiplap mudroom bench wreath home sign

A mudroom doesn’t have to be an actual “room” or a large area. Make efficient use of smaller cubby areas by adding shiplap, a bench, hooks, baskets and décor and voíla! You have a mudroom.



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