15 Ways To Use Shiplap In Your Home

15 Ways To Use Shiplap In Your Home

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As shiplap continues to pop up in homes across America, we’re seeing fun and creative installations. This wood paneling is known for its ability to go almost anywhere in your home interior. UFP-Edge is known for its various shiplap style collections, prepainted colors, charred wood and easy installation process.


You might have decided that you want shiplap in your home, but you might be questioning, “Where would I put it?” We’ve put together 15 of our favorite ways to use shiplap in your home to inspire you. And if you’ve never heard of shiplap, we hope you leave feeling a bit more educated. If you hear friends talking about a “shiplap” product they’re installing in their homes, you’ll be in the know and have these ideas to share with them.


 1. Bathrooms

White smooth shiplap in bathroom halfway up the wall

Deluxe Design Studio

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your home, but you want to start small and you’re working on a budget, a bathroom is a great place to start. A bathroom is a perfect place to try out a trendy color since it is only a small part of your house. The great thing about shiplap is that it comes in different sizes and you can install it horizontally or vertically. You also don’t need to install it in the entire bathroom. Keep it budget friendly by making one wall an accent wall or installing it on the bottom half of your bathroom walls.

Style Tip:  Since your bathroom is a smaller space, use the wider-sized shiplap boards to make the room look bigger.

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap


2. Fireplaces

Smooth white shiplap around fireplace

Nesting With Grace

Another way to add texture and style to a room on a budget is by installing shiplap around your fireplace. You don’t need much shiplap to make a fireplace the focal point of the room. As long as you are following fire code regulation, shiplap is safe to put around fireplaces.

Style Tip: Add tile or brick directly around your fireplace to contrast against the shiplap.

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap


3. Ceilings

Gray smooth shiplap on home ceiling

Tamara Magel

You might think of your ceiling as an unexpected place for shiplap, but we’re seeing more new homes and remodels with shiplap ceilings. It adds character to any room and UFP-Edge offers several types of shiplap to match your interior style.

Style Tip: Add a mirror to the room that reflects the shiplap ceiling for an illusion of a larger room.

Get this look: Timeless Granite Gray Shiplap


4. Bookcase Backdrop

Weathered wood accent boards as cabinet or bookcase backing herringbone pattern

AE Homestyle

Adding shiplap or wall accent boards as a backdrop behind a bookcase or shelf is a nice way to add style and texture without overpowering a decorative room. 

Style tip: Add style by installing boards in a herringbone pattern.

Get this look: Weathered Wood Accent Boards


5. Bedroom Headboard

White smooth shiplap as bedroom headboard

Currently Chic Boutique

Make your own shiplap headboard for a unique bedroom look. A white or neutral-colored headboard adds contrast against a colored wall.

Style Tip: Add vintage lights and a weathered sign for a farmhouse look.

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap


 6. Reading Nook

 Timeless nickel gap Cavalry Blue shiplap in reading nook and ceiling

Add the same wall shiplap to the ceiling to create an enclosed, cozy feel in a reading nook area.

Style Tip: Add decorative pillows for a more comfortable, stylish reading area.

Get this look: Timeless Cavalry Blue Shiplap


7. Accent Wall

Black smooth shiplap accent wall in bedroom by Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines

The most common way to use shiplap is by applying it as an accent wall. Although white is the most popular color, as trends shift, you will start to see more black used in homes.

Style Tip:  Find a white duvet and other brighter colored accents for contrast against a darker-colored accent wall.

Get this look: Timeless Midnight Black Shiplap


8. Kitchen Island

 Smooth white shiplap around kitchen island

Adding shiplap to an island is a great way to subtly add character to your kitchen. In this home, the homeowner decided to match the cupboards, countertops and backsplash color, but it doesn’t have to be the same.

Style Tip: Add warmth to your bright white kitchen with wicker textile, wood accents and gold fixtures.

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap


 9. Kitchen Backsplash 

 1x6 Timeless nickel gap Cavalry Blue shiplap as kitchen backsplash

As we enter 2020, you’ll start to see more homes with darker tones in kitchens. Add color to your kitchen with shiplap as a backsplash. 

Style Tip:  Add lighting under your cabinets for a brighter countertop workspace and backsplash.

Get this look: Timeless Cavalry Blue Shiplap


10.  Staircase

White smooth shiplap on staircase 

Park and Oak

Make sure when you are installing shiplap on your staircase that the gap lines match up in a corner and that they are evenly spaced with the stairs.

Style Tip: Choose a shiplap color that will contrast your stair tread for added interest.  

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap


11. Entryway

 Cream beige shiplap in front home entryway


Create an inviting and welcoming space to your home by installing shiplap in your entryway. Here the homeowner has painted the primed shiplap boards with a natural beige color to contrast the white.

Style Tip:  Attach hooks directly to your shiplap for a place to hang coats and accessories right by the door.

Get this look: Timeless Primed Shiplap


12. Mudroom  

Weathered wood accent boards in mixed colors installed in mudroom entryway area 

Use shiplap or accent boards in your mudroom area or hall for a durable surface in a high-traffic space. 

Style Tip:  Add warmth and interest to your space with the natural wood grain look in a neutral-colored room. 

Get this look: Weathered Wood Accent Boards


13. Barn Doors

Rustic white shiplap barn doors and charred ash gray on the ceiling of bedroom

Use shiplap to build sliding barn doors. Here, the interior designer used barn doors as window shades at night and as a headboard during the day.

Style Tip:  If you decide to use barn doors in a similar way as this designer, use a stick-on wall quote to display when barn doors are apart. You could also hang a chalkboard painted frame to write your own messages.

Get this look: Rustic White Shiplap


14. Sign 

White smooth shiplap sign with frame and home word attached

Our Handcrafted Life

Use shiplap to create a framed sign to hang on your porch or in your home interior. Find a wreath or a word to attach to your shiplap sign at your local craft store.

Style Tip: Use a sticky adhesive to easily attach and detach words for each season. 

Get this look: Timeless Farmhouse White Shiplap


15. Art Piece

You don’t have to use shiplap on an entire wall, and this is another great budget-friendly option. You can use shiplap in a staggered way to create a focal art piece within a room. Adding shelves to this shiplap wall hanging adds a dual purpose.

Style Tip:  If you decide not to add shelves, consider hanging a wreath or painting a botanical design directly on the shiplap for a more artistic look.

Get this look: Charred Wood Smoke White Shiplap

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our design gallery page and UFP-Edge Instagram for more creative ways to use shiplap in your home.









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